Via Bagnarolo, 12/E - Massa Lombarda (RA) +39 0545 81473


Cesare Tavalazzi S.r.l. since 1956

Our company was set up in Massa Lombarda, in the heart of the nectarine growing region. It began operating and gaining experience in the field of manufacturing of the first rotary destoners for peaches and cherries and machines for processing Mediterranean fruit applying traditional methods. Over the years, the range of products has significantly widened, thanks to the continuing development of design and constant research and innovation, targeted to ever demanding national and international clients.

Our main purpose has always been fruit processing, manufacturing made-to-measure machines and systems, customising them according to our clients’ requirements. For this reason, we have specialised from the reception up to the pulp/purée of all types of fruit, with or without stone, Mediterranean and tropical fruit, mixed berries, etc…

Since the beginning of the 1980s, we also manufacture Deep-freeze cryogenic tunnels and cabinets. The company is currently operating in its own 2500 sq.m facilities with first quality equipment on an operating area of 6000 sq.m.


Tavalazzi favours clean energy

Tavalazzi deeply believes in the environment and in energy saving. For this reason, it has decided to construct a photovoltaic system on a section of the plant roof.

This system includes 220 modules – distributed over an overall surface of 400 square metres – that can give a rated power of 50 kwp, with an annual production of around 62,500 kWh/year.

The system meets the energy needs of the entire company for a year, enabling an overall reduction of the CO2 released into the atmosphere of around 42,000 kg/year.