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Rotary destone

The rotary destone is designed to eliminate the stones of various kinds of fruit, such as peaches, apricots, prunes and cherries, producing a lump purée.
The product is pushed by a guillotine between 2 rollers rotating towards each other (one with a rubber surface and the other with toothed-disks) and is separated from the stone by being squashed.
The squashed pulp between the teeth of the disk is removed by a comb.
A special sorter guarantees the total separation of the nuts from the pulp


In the Preserved Food Industry, it can directly process the above mentioned products, either alone or on a production line after the previous stages of washing, sorting and de-stalking and before the successive stages of heating and refining in the preparation of purées or jams.



  • Made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL.
  • Frame composed of a strong structure of profiles.
  • Fixed rotating roller composed of a series of stainless steel toothed-disks (the teeth and the thickness of the disks vary according to the type of fruit to be destoned), together with a comb to extract the pulp.
  • Mobile rotating roller composed of a stainless steel core covered with natural white rubber.
  • Guillotine and stone-pulp sorter, easily adjustable according to the type of fruit.
  • Transmission is given by a chain connected to one gearmotor with an orthogonal shaft.
  • Double inner washing manifold.


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