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De-stalking machine

The de-stalking machine has the function of eliminating the stalks from cherries, prunes and strawberries, guaranteeing an excellent yield and delicate treatment of the fruit.
Adequately equipped and adjusted, it is suitable for removing the cuticle of chestnuts coming from “Brulage”.
The product introduced into the infeed hopper, is distributed over a conveyor belt of rollers covered with alimentary rubber that, rotating in pairs in opposite directions, pull the stalks, the small leaves and the impurities into the waste collecting hopper below.
A grid with an elliptical movement placed above the rollers and the adjustable angle of the conveyor belt favour the processing operation.
A piping system provides for the washing of the product during the de-stalking process.
To obtain an excellent yield, for processing cherries, our “Debunching Machine” should be positioned before the de-stalking machine, in order to separate the little bunches.


In the Preserved Food Industry, it can directly process the above-mentioned products, either alone or on a production line before the de-stoning and refining stages, in the production of purées and jams.
In the Transformation-Freezing Industry, it can process cherries and strawberries, before the gauging and punch destoning stages.
In the Chestnut Processing Industry, it can eliminate the cuticle between the skin and the chestnut, after peeling with the “Brulage” process.



  • Made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL.
  • Rectangular structure in thick modelled steel, fixed to a structure of profiles standing on 4 legs.
  • Wheel to adjust the inclination of the structure.
  • Conveyor belt composed of rods in alimentary rubber with a stainless steel core.
  • The rods are driven by a single stainless steel chain connected to a gearmotor.
  • Grid with an elliptical movement, placed above the conveyor belt, driven by a gearmotor.
  • Piping system for washing the product.
  • Infeed and discharging hoppers, and a waste-collecting hopper.


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