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Mango depulping-destoning machine

The machine is designed to remove stones from ripe and pre-cooked mangoes, obtaining the pulp and eliminating the stones and most of the skin.

It is fed by an infeed hopper containing an Archimedean screw, which ensures a regular flow into the sieve where the beaters, rotating at high speed, centrifuge the product.

Before the beaters, on the central shaft there is a breaking device with toothed blades in order to break the surface of the fruit.
The purée passes through the holes in the sieve and falls into the discharging hopper, while the stones and skins exit from the rear part of the machine.
The stones will be perfectly cleaned without retaining pieces of pulp.

The final output is very satisfactory, considering the particular nature of the fruit.


In the Preserved Food Industry, it can process all qualities of mango.
To obtain an excellent output and a good quality purée, it is advisable
To position the machine after our “Scalding/Bitterness-removing” machine.



  • Made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL.
  • Particularly strong and large sized structure.
  • Rotor composed of a central shaft on which is fitted the tooth-bladed breaking device with 4 adjustable stainless steel beaters covered with special rubber).
  • Perforated stainless steel sieve, fast and easy to change.
  • Product infeed hopper, stones and waste-collecting hopper, purée receiving hopper with DN coupling.
  • Easily opened inspection covers equipped with safety microswitch.
  • Inner washing manifold.
  • Rotor driven by electric motor with trapezoidal belt transmission.


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