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Washing brushing machine

The washing-brushing machine unit has the purpose of eliminating foreign matter outside the fruit, which can contaminate the juice and the purée during the successive processing stages.
It has been specially designed to process oranges, however it is perfectly suitable for washing all kinds of fruit like apples, pears, mangoes, etc.
It is composed of a conveyor belt of rotating brushes placed one after the other, with a shower washing system placed above it.
The fruit enters the washing machine passing across the brushes, which delicately remove foreign matter: at the same time the product is subjected to powerful jets of water.


In the Preserved Food Industry, it can directly process the above-mentioned products, to be transformed into purées and juices, on the line before the grading stage.



  • Made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL.
  • Frame composed of a resistant structure in modelled steel, standing on 4 legs with metal sheeting..
  • Helical brushes with outer undulations, of a variable width and number, composed of a central stainless steel shaft and nylon brush cable.
  • Piping system for washing with calibrated spray nozzles and recycle pump.
  • Water and waste collection tanks with inspection covers.
  • Infeed and fruit discharge hoppers.
  • Movement of the brushes is provided for by one stainless steel drive chain driven by a speed-change drive unit.
  • Optional: Crank operated system to discharge the fruit after processing.


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